Hanna PK’s Story

Pianist, singer, and songwriter Hanna PK has been making a splash in and around Rochester NY! She’s never attended a music school, but her classroom has been multiple juke joints. There she learned from and played with what people call “The Real Deal” — It was her luck that even though Rochester isn’t exactly in the Delta region, the area’s blues scene is still carried on with authenticity by nationally-recognized bluesmen like Joe Beard and John Cole. In fact, the first time she got a chance to play with Joe Beard was at a festival celebrating Son House, who influenced countless blues greats such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

When you hear Hanna, you’ll likely want to say that “you ain’t seen anything else like her”! Unlike in earlier times, now it’s uncommon to hear a singer who can accompany herself on a piano in a rather traditional blues style, with that strong left hand bass, and swinging and shuffling right hand freely cascading over it. It’s even more uncommon to hear such freshness and uniqueness added to the music that this young woman is so passionate to deliver. The way she locks down the groove, from her hands on the keys to her tapping toe, is engaging and entertaining. Then, she adds her sweet and soulful voice to completely captivate you.

In the summer of 2015, she formed Hanna and the Blue Hearts with Aleks Disjlenkovic and Dan Lopata. Since then, they’ve played as a trio and sometimes as a quartet with Tony Hiler, making an impression one gig at a time. In the summer of 2016, they released their 1st CD Rearview Mirror.

But words, and even recorded samples, cannot convey the essence of Hanna's music — to really understand it and feel it, you have to hear her perform live. When you do, you will hear songs that go back to the very beginning of the blues, as well as songs composed last year, or maybe last week! But as is the case with all true blues performers, she works from and in the tradition of the music while bringing her own stamp of creativity and originality to it. Her music tells a story, sometimes an age-old one, but she tells it in her way from her perspective, which in turn informs and expands our experience.