Hanna and the Blue Hearts

Hanna and the Blue Hearts at Abilene

For some time now, it seems that the blues is something that most of the modern bands list as one of their influences. It must mean that the blues is THAT significant in American, perhaps the world’s, popular music since the 20’s into this century, but if you really dig the blues, it’s getting somewhat difficult to navigate through to really hear the blues in its true form. But, here’s a band that puts the blues in the forefront, and is not afraid to let the music speak for itself.

Hanna and the Blue Hearts channel a wide variety of the blues, from pre-war styles to 50’s & 60’s Chicago blues, to boogie woogie. Fueled by a love of jazz, this band also really swings!

Vocalist/pianist Hanna PK is the leader of the band. Her solid left hand reflects on those traditional blues masters’ rocking’ and shuffling bass patterns, while her right hand grooves along, dancing all over those 88’s and she adds her sultry voice to the band. The band currently has three other members though at times some of them join Hanna as a duo or trio.

Guitarist Aleks Disljenkovic brings tremendous knowledge and experience to the band. He is the leader of the White Hots, and worked with Rochester Music Hall of Famer Joe Beard for many years. In the mid-1980s, Aleks toured the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with a number of blues headliners as well. He’s a quintessential guitarist whose soulful solos never fail to make a statement.

Hanna and Tony at Abilene

Tony Hiler takes his seat at the drums. His dynamic and versatile musical style enables Hanna and Tony to perform even as a duo with plenty of excitement and groove. Tony is a multi-instrumentalist, a music director at his church, and an inspiring teacher as well.

And the newest member of the band is Gian Carlo Cervone, who has been in Rochester’s blues and jazz scene for many years, but this time, brings his swinging organ to the band.

Hanna released the EP ‘Rearview Mirror’ in the summer of 2016, documenting the start of her musical journey. The band is hoping to start working on a full-length blues album soon.

Also, in June 2018, Hanna and Aleks, as a duo, won 1st place in Memphis Bound, and will be representing WNY at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis next January.

It’s life’s most wonderful thing to follow one’s bliss — when you hear this band do just that with such passion, it is infectious.