Hanna and the Blue Hearts

Hanna PK
piano, vocals

Hanna met Aleks and Dan at a jam session, but it was at the Newark Blues Festival when Aleks asked Hanna to play with his band on the spot, that things really started cooking. Hanna was pleasantly surprised when Aleks asked her to play with his band ‘The White Hots’ for one of the Rochester Swing Dance Network’s events. There she played her first full gig with both Aleks and Dan, where everyone felt the spark. The spark led to more conversations where she had the perfect opportunity to ask two of the best musicians in town to join her in the very first band of her own.

Aleks Disljenkovic

Aleksandar Disljenkovic began his professional career as a blues guitarist in 1976 after playing with renowned bluesman Son House. By the mid-1980s, Aleks was touring the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with a number of blues headliners. His Serbian roots and a growing interest in jazz and composition have made Aleks a gifted songwriter.

The first time Aleks heard Hanna’s music was a video of her playing and singing her original song called “Chautauqua Blue”. Hanna and her music bring a different challenge than some of his previous musical situations, yet at the same time they find a kinship in their music, and he looks forward to future discoveries and collaborations.

Dan Lopata
string bass

Dan Lopata is steeped in the blues, jazz, and rock scene having played string-bass and electric bass with The Chris Beard Blues Band, Joe Beard, The Mysterious Blues Band, Jenna and the Hops, The Fools, The White Hots, Genesee Johnny, and many others. He has a degree in Music with a concentration in Music History that combined with his deep personal interest in popular culture has led him to embrace the subtleties of jazz and blues aesthetics and apply them to his playing.

Having worked with Aleks for over a decade in a multitude of different ensembles, Dan and Aleks possess a musical communication style that is intuitive and meaningful. This combination powerfully transmits a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always intense affect to all who listen.

Tony Hiler

Tony has been Hanna’s favorite drummer and she is excited to be working with him on her first cd, which will be out soon. Keep your eyes open to see when Tony will be playing out with the Blue Hearts too!