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Classic Blues with a Sweet Dosage of Swing & Boogie Woogie!

“Over at the Record Archive, Hanna PK played with her group The Blue Hearts and rocked the house. She sang pretty and played gritty. She rocked and rolled, bopped and strolled, all over the baby grand’s eighty-eights.”

— Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper

“Hanna PK left her native South Korea and fell right into Rochester’s lap of the blues. Her style is more barrelhouse and stride than you’d think as she rolls on through all 88. Pretty damn cool.”

— Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper


  • Hanna and the Blue Hearts

    live at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 2018-02-23

  • Hanna and Aleks

    Memphis Bound Blues Challenge,, 2018-06-10


  • My ThingsHanna and the Blue Hearts
  • Two and FourHanna PK
  • Cold, Cold HeartHanna PK